Campaign Manager for Digital Signage



Making Your Business Easier


Rent a Media Player with Campaign Manager for 3 months, 6 months or a year.


Campaign Manager can be Cloud Based (Software As A Service) or installed on a local computer (Continuous).

Present products using standard media formats :- Video, Flash, Images, Web Sites, Live TV

Flexible content with schedules based on time of day and the day of the week

Remote monitoring and control of signage, with secure access

No special hardware required apart from the display devices

Media Players are supported on devices running Windows or Android

The number of Media Players can be increased as required.

A free full function demo is available for 30 days for 2 Media Players.

The setup fee is for the first Media Player only.

VAT is chargeable for UK and some customers in the EU.

Please E-Mail Ezi Solution Systems to arranger a free demo or for confirmation of prices or queries.




Campaign Manager Option GBP (inc. VAT) GBP (exc. VAT)
CM Cloud/SAAS Setup £ 12.50p £ 10.42p
CM Cloud/SAAS for 3 months £ 79.00p £ 65.83p
CM Cloud/SAAS for 6 months £152.00p £126.67p
CM Local/Continuous Setup £ 10.00p £  8.33p
CM Local for 3 months £ 66.00p £ 55.00p
CM Local for 6 months £127.00p £105.83p


Updated on 11th May 2019



Pay for Rental of a Media Player with Campaign Manager on

Pay by Credit or Debit Card using SquareUp on (prices in GBP)

The number of media players can be increased at any time