Payment Processing for UK and Ireland by PaymentSense.


PaymentSense provide facilities for retailers for processing of credit card and debit card processing. Click on the image above for the E-Brochure.


Switch to PaymentSense to Efficiency and Reduce Costs

  • PaymentSense aim to offer the lowest rates in the market. On average a 40% cost saving can be expected.
  • Terminal prices will remain the same throughout the duration of the contract apart from 50% discount during the first year.
  • Subject to acceptance, Paymentsense will be able to cover any cancellation costs on an existing contract, up to £3,000.

Setup and Support

  • Fast setup - get an integrated system within 3 days.
  • Free integration - provided in the Cloud by Connect
  • 24 by 7 Support in the UK - A real human is always on hand to help.

Efficient Operation

  • Faster transactions - to keep everyone happy
  • Integration with Retail Man POS
  • Fewer errors - can save them from making costly mistakes
  • Easier reconciliation - helps them balance the books after a long day
  • Improved customer experience - less queues and payment at table




Special Offer for Switching to PaymentSense - extended to 31st May 2019!